6 Things to Try When You Get Too High

1. Don't panic! No one has ever died from smoking or eating too much THC. 

2. Don't eat any fatty foods. THC is fat-soluble and eating fatty foods will increase how much THC can be absorbed, which will get you even higher. 

3. Stay hydrated and don't consume any alcohol or any other drugs... EXCEPT for CBD. CBD can actually help to counter-act the overwhelming effects of THC. 25MG would be a good amount to try. 

4. Watch something funny. Watching something funny will help lighten the tension you feel about being too high. Laughing has amazing benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety and may even help you unclench those fists!

5. Try doing some light yoga or stretching. Keeping your body loose can help you channel feelings of intense anxiety, giving that energy some direction through movement.

6. Stay in a safe place with trusted people. Never attempt to drive a vehicle while high!

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